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Funding Options

Are You Going in the Right Direction?

small business funding options

Have you dreamed of purchasing a franchise, but had no idea which way to turn? Does the idea of increasing your net worth and doing something that you enjoy excite you? Are you at a point in your life that you know if you try something new, life will be better and all you need are good directions and advice? Are you tired of working for and making someone else Rich? Would you like to take an extended vacation and not have to worry about your cash flow situation? Buy the house of your dreams and pay for your children’s college tuition and still have a huge amount of disposable.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, CONGRATULATIONS, you have found a company that can help you achieve all these goals as well as help you find the perfect franchise opportunity to fit your life situation.


Using Personal Cash

If you can find no other way of raising capital for your business, then this is one of the quickest ways to get started. However, funding your business with personal savings should only be used to keep the overall risk of loss to your personal assets very low. We advise our clients that if they are going to use their personal savings, to do so in a way that does not affect other areas of their personal finances.

Bank one

Loans from Traditional Local Bank/Credit Union

If you have a longstanding, positive relationship with a local bank, this may be an option but do not get discouraged if your loan application is rejected. Going to a traditional bank for funding is a difficult and lengthy process for anyone applying for a small business loan.Triton gives you a competitive advantage in the process of obtaining funding fast. Rather than working with one (local) bank, Triton has relationships with multiple lending sources (some traditional, others private, including investment groups), so give us a call at 770-249-2357 to learn how we can assist you with your funding needs.


Unsecured Line of Credit ($25K-$250K)

Do you need access to cash to get your franchise up and running in less than four weeks and you have no collateral or equity? This is one of our most popular programs for our start-ups and small business owners who currently have no collateral. We can help your business succeed by obtaining revolving business credit lines on your company’s behalf. Funding ranges between $25K-$250K with low to moderate interest rates and you can be pre-approved within 24 hours and fully funded, typically, in less than 30 business days.

  1. No cash infusion requirements
  2. No collateral requirements
  3. No pre-payment penalties
  4. Minimum FICO scores of 680 or higher
  5. No recent or major derogatory items
  6. At least 5 years of credit history is preferred
  7. Check your scores at creditchecktotal.com


Veteran Loans ($25K-$250K)

These are Business loans for veterans of the U. S. Armed Forces; low rates; payback period up to 8 years.

  1. No Collateral Required
  2. Executive Summary Required
  3. Credit scores (680+)
  4. Two Year Financial Projections


Account Receivables Funding

This is an excellent alternative for existing master franchise owners and entrepreneurs trying to grow their business as well as improve their cash flow position. An additional benefit is this option provides fast and timely funding! Account receivables funding has helped numerous franchise owners gain access to capital in a way that allows them to plan their operations more smoothly, without concerns about capital not being available. Give us a call about this option to learn more about funding your growth and settling any of your cash flow challenges.

Two hands of businessmen passing a stack of dollars

Loans from Friends & Family

This method may seem like a great option for start-ups because it is fast and everyone knows and trusts you, but there can be extra risk if the money is not paid back to the friend or family member due to unforeseen circumstances with your business. As a result, personal relationships with friends and family could become severely strained or irreparable. If you decide to use this method, we strongly recommend to our clients that a contract between all parties be drawn up detailing all terms and conditions related to the loan.


Using Retirement Funds

Today, your IRA/401K money is invested in one or more companies. You have the opportunity and right to roll over your retirement money and invest it into “your company” by buying stock in your new company potentially start your company debt-free.

Benefits of Franchise Financing with Triton

  1. Secure funding FAST – typically 3-4 weeks.
  2. Gain business equity and improved cash flow position from the start.
  3. Accelerate business profitability by managing the amount of debt your franchise business takes on.
  4. Set aside tax deductible retirement savings, up to $56,500 per year.
  5. Tax deferred Exit Strategy Program when it comes time to sell your business.
  6. Optimize business equity and value.


SBA Loan ($50K-$2M)

These are government-backed loans designed specifically for small businesses. Our firm specializes in these types of loans and understands the qualifications and application process required to successfully obtain SBA backed funding in the current economy.

  1. Personal Cash injection of 20%-30%
  2. Collateral (up to 100% of loan amount)
  3. Credit scores (680+)
  4. Repayment ability
  5. Industry experience (2-5 years)
  6. Business Plan
  7. Detailed 2 year financial projections in the SBA format


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