You have probably enjoyed the sweet treat of frozen yogurt yourself, so why not join the industry by purchasing your own franchise? Known as North America’s tastiest self-serve frozen yogurt franchise, sweetFrog offers many benefits to you and tasty treats to your customers!

In 2009, Derek Cha decided to bring the frozen yogurt trend from the West Coast to his new home in Richmond, Virginia. And now you can bring that same affordable luxury to your neighborhood.

From waffle cones and Belgian waffles to banana splits and parfaits – the variety of frozen yogurt vessels, frozen yogurt flavors, and toppings are sure to offer something for everyone. Each customer has the opportunity to discover the sweetFrog mascots, Scoop and Cookie, and the experience of getting to create their very own frozen yogurt masterpiece.

SweetFrog focuses on bringing their “hoppiness” to their franchisee’s hometowns throughout the United States and beyond. Due to consumer awareness, the North American yogurt market is expected to expand by 8.2 percent CAGR (compound annual growth rate) by 2019. Overall, the frozen yogurt industry is already a $11.9 billion industry, and it is an industry that is expected to continue growing! Statistics show that U.S. households regularly consume frozen yogurt, so why not hop on board and provide them with some of the best frozen yogurt in North America?

Information About sweetFrog Premium Frozen Yogurt:

Initial Franchise Fee. The initial franchise fee to get started with sweetFrog Premium Frozen Yogurt is $30,000 with an initial investment ranging from $221,000 to $439,500. Triton offers several low rate financing options to help franchisees cover the cost of the franchise fee, startup costs, inventory, equipment, payroll, and accounts receivable.

Franchise Benefits. The number of employees required to run a sweetFrog Premium Frozen Yogurtfranchise ranges from two to four employees, and absentee ownership is allowed. This is a great benefit for those Entrepreneurs who still have a full-time job, but also want to become a franchise owner; the franchisee can then decide to wait until their sweetFrog franchise business gets up and going before leaving their full-time job.

Franchise Training. The company also offers franchisee training which consists of 24 hours onsite training, 24 hours of training at the headquarters, and additional training as needed. In addition to training, they also offer ongoing support via newsletters, meetings, a toll-free line, and the internet. They will also assist with national and regional media in regard to marketing support.

Veteran Incentives. Please note sweetFrog Premium Frozen Yogurt is offering a Veteran incentive of 25 percent off the franchise fee. In addition, if you are a Veteran, ask about the 50% off incentive program that may be available during specific months.

SweetFrog Premium Frozen Yogurt was founded in 2009 in Richmond, Virginia and still maintains their corporate headquarters there.

For Entrepreneurs looking for a franchise opportunity in a profitable industry, this is one of the best franchises that you can purchase as well as make the type of personal and professional impact that you expect from your franchise purchase. Although we recommend that you conduct your own due diligence, our research indicates that this is a great opportunity for anyone looking to buy a Franchise from a franchisor with a solid reputation.

La Mancha Sims is Managing Director and Founding Partner of Triton Business Group, Inc., a business funding consulting and real estate investing firm with offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Charlotte, North Carolina. La Mancha is a former Naval Officer who has over fifteen years of experience in franchise and commercial finance, specializing in assisting entrepreneurs who want to enter the franchise industry as owners or investors. You can reach La Mancha at 866-987-4866.