As the largest after-school drama program in the United States as well as internationally, Drama Kids International offers exciting and fulfilling opportunities for franchise owners.

Over the last 35 years, Drama Kids International Inc. has worked to create and enhance the benefits offered to students throughout their lives – from school-age to adulthood. Through their drama-based learning and development programs, children are able to develop and foster creativity, self-confidence, self-esteem, and more.

Currently, more than 50,000 students throughout the United States and 24 countries are learning these valuable life skills through positive and fun-filled experiences, where no two are ever the same.

Drama Kids offers potential franchise owners a low-cost, home-based franchise opportunity to give those seeking a substantial investment opportunity an advantageous option. As a franchise owner of Drama Kids, you will have the opportunity to watch your investment grow and experience your own success, while also being passionate about what you do and watching your decisions make a difference in the life of the students.

This franchise offers franchisees the opportunity to provide children of all ages with self-confidence and the critical skills they need to succeed academically, socially, and professionally – all while owning your own business.

At Drama Kids International, children from ages 5 to 17 have the opportunity to participate in drama classes at community schools, churches, and community centers. The after-school program runs on a 40-week school year basis and entails single, hour-long classes each week. The classes offered focus on fostering the development of the following areas: leadership abilities, self-esteem, creativity, self-confidence, articulation and public speaking skills, social skills, and collaboration skills.

At the end of each year, you will have the opportunity to watch these children share their newfound talents with their friends and family at their End of the Year performance.

In addition to the after-school program offered by Drama Kids International, franchise owners also offer a variety of summer camps for the children.

To jump on board with this great opportunity, the initial investment ranges from $28,800 to $49,500 with a net worth requirement of $50,000 and a liquid cash requirement range of $25,500 to $40,000. The initial franchise fee ranges from $24,700 to $38,700.

Regarding financing options, Triton has several low rate options available for potential franchisees interested in purchasing a Drama Kids franchise, which will help cover the following: start-up costs and working capital, franchise fee, inventory, equipment, payroll, and accounts receivable. Visit or call 770-249-2357 for more information.

Drama Kids International Inc. is headquartered in Leesburg, Virginia.

For Entrepreneurs looking for a profitable franchise opportunity in a lesser known industry, this is one of the best franchises that you can purchase as well as make the type of personal and professional impact that you expect from your franchise purchase. Although we recommend that you conduct your own due diligence, our research indicates that this is a great opportunity for anyone looking to buy a Franchise from a franchisor with a solid reputation.

La Mancha Sims is Managing Director and Founding Partner of Triton Business Group, Inc., a business funding consulting and real estate investing firm with offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Charlotte, North Carolina. La Mancha is a former Naval Officer who has over fifteen years of experience in franchise and commercial finance, specializing in assisting entrepreneurs who want to enter the franchise industry as owners or investors. You can reach La Mancha at 866-987-4866.