Retirement is one of those things you are told to start preparing for from a young age. At first, you hear your parents talk about it. They might joke about when they are going to retire or if they will ever be able to. Then, as soon as you hit your early 20s – or whenever you start your career, whichever comes first – employers, financial advisors, friends and family start to harp on the importance of your 401K and setting money aside for retirement.

Well, now the time has finally come and you are quickly approaching retirement age. I call this “The Moment of Truth!” Whether you simply have been unable to save as much as you would have liked or you just have the desire to still generate some income after retiring, it never hurts to look into some other options for additional retirement income.

Some people choose to work in low wage-earning jobs because they are easy to obtain and offer flexible schedules; however, these jobs typically only pay enough to take care of their day-to-day needs. Others choose to jump back into the work field from which they retired – it all depends on your interests and your experience.

Oftentimes, saving for retirement comes at the expense of your current lifestyle – missing out on desirable vacation destinations, luxury cars, or even your dream home. Then, when retirement comes, you are not guaranteed to not still worry about how to meet day-to-day expenses. With medical costs constantly rising, adult children staying home longer than their counterparts in previous generations, and with people living longer, one must think longer term than their parents had to and look for other solutions.

But what if there is a different option? A way that you could plan for retirement without it being at the cost of your current lifestyle or your retirement one.

If you are looking for the perfect way to enjoy retirement while still earning a reliable and profitable income, becoming a Certified Franchise Advisor™ is the opportunity you have been looking for.

In this article, we will further discuss what exactly being a Certified Franchise Advisor™ entails and why it is the perfect opportunity for any retiree with a background in business or the franchise industry.

Keep reading to learn more about the incredible opportunity that awaits you.

What is a Certified Franchise Advisor™?

A Certified Franchise Advisor™ is someone who works with people looking to buy a franchise. There are always many franchisors looking for qualified and motivated to become franchisees. Likewise, there are always people from all walks of life who are looking for the best franchise opportunity.

This is the part where the Certified Franchise Advisor™ comes in – as a Certified Franchise Advisor™, you would be responsible for connecting the two parties interested in the transaction and then earning a high commission for that transaction.

In this position, you work to advise potential franchisees which opportunity best suits their needs, and in return, the franchisor is willing to pay you once the buyer is awarded the franchise and completes the sale.

Why Become a Certified Franchise Advisor™?

You do not need previous experience in running a business or in the franchising industry to become a Certified Franchise Advisor™. Triton offers programs that will easily train you in every aspect of getting started and provide you with warm leads so you can quickly close your first few deals.  This is the perfect opportunity for you to not only secure your retirement, but live the life that you have dreamed.

As a Certified Franchise Advisor™, you can continue to generate income while doing something you enjoy. Playing golf, sailing, traveling to exotic vacation spots and much more, all while operating a success business! In addition to living your dreams, this position gives you the opportunity and power to help others make their dream come true.

It is that simple – help others and give them advice, then “You Get Paid.” It does not get any better than that for the Certified Franchise Advisors™ currently working with us.


The franchising industry has continued to grow and prosper for years by using a proven business model to make millionaires.

Starting a business is hard enough – especially as a retiree, the leg work and the overall headache of a new business can be far too much to take on while trying to enjoy retirement. It involves a large capital investment, a lot of resources, additional education, and a lot of personal time and effort.

However, becoming a Certified Franchise Advisor™ is the perfect opportunity to jump right into an industry that is already well-established and continuing to thrive.

By simply connecting buyers and sellers – franchisors and franchisees – you can earn a lot of money, all while still sitting on the beach with your spouse or playing golf at your favorite golf course.

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