Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the advantage of working with Triton Franchise over similar organizations?

Our commitment and experience as well as the one-on-one, hands-on approach that we bring to every Business owner who works with us has helped many business owners achieve their profit goals. Triton’s team members have years of experience in the Franchise Advisor and Funding industry and our Executive Team and support staff also have years of experience in training and supporting the Business Owners with whom we work, assisting them in achieving peak levels of performance and profitability.

A Franchise Advisory Service is different from owning a franchise or other aspects of the franchise industry. Being a Certified Franchise Advisor takes specialized knowledge, skill and expertise. Triton’s cumulative experience is at your fingertips to start and build a successful Franchise Advisor business that will allow you to live your dreams. We have compiled the most up-to-date information for all aspects of starting a Franchise Advisor business, including how to purchase a franchise, business financing as well as the training and support necessary to ensure success.

2. How long has Triton been in business?

Triton began operating in 2011. Our Executive team and affiliates have over a decade of experience in the franchise industry and all come from Fortune 20 companies or were military veterans. Our combined experience has enabled Triton to build and provide not only the best training program in the industry, but our in-house financing sets us apart from other businesses in this industry.

3. What does a Certified Franchise Advisor do?

A Certified Franchise Advisor works directly with prospective franchise buyers, connecting them to the right franchise business opportunity, which includes providing guidance and assistance throughout the franchise acquisition process, from setting up funding for the franchise purchase to answering any questions that the client may have about the transaction.

4. Do I need sales experience?

No sales experience is required to be a Certified Franchise Advisor. As a Certified Franchise Advisor, you must be able to learn and follow a proven system, be well-organized, possess good analytical skills, have excellent communication skills and a desire to help others achieve their goals.

5. Is there any Travel Involved?

It is the job of the Franchise Advisor to facilitate the relationship between the client and all parties involved during the franchise purchase transaction. Depending on the client’s location, this may include some travel with the client to preview franchise opportunities if the Advisors chooses to work with out-of-state or international clients.

6. How and when does my Business get paid as a Franchise Advisor?

We have established two ways that your Business can make money by using our program. One way is once the client has executed the contract to purchase the franchise and pays all associated fees. For each transaction that is successfully closed, the payment ranges from $5,000 to $20,000, depending on the type of franchise purchased by the client. Another way that your business makes money with our program is if your client selects Triton to finance the transaction. In this case, each time a client is successfully funded, your company fee structure will ranges from $2,000 to $7,500, depending on the amount the client receives to close the transaction. Payments to Franchise Advisors are made once that client is fully funded and paid all closing fees.

7. Do I need any special license to a Franchise Advisor?

No special license is required. Franchise Advisors are considered to be independent contractors providing sales referrals. A Franchise Advisor does not have any fiduciary responsibility in the purchase or funding transaction. There is also no E&O insurance required. If you are in the states of NY and WA, they may require your business to register and pay a nominal fee annually to operate in those states.

8. What type of support does Triton provide?

Triton provides continuous support in numerous areas of your business in order to ensure our Certified Franchise Advisors succeed. As a new Certified Franchise Advisor, your company will be assigned a Senior Staff member who will provide ongoing coaching and mentoring each step in the start-up phase of your business. Our staff will provide a forum to exchange ideas and best practices. Our Staff includes a network for you, from prospecting potential clients, financing to closing each deal. We are dedicated to support your business and ensure its success; all we ask is that you follow the proven plan and do the follow up work for your business to be successful.