Triton Business Group, Inc. (the parent company to Triton Franchise) is a leading funding consultant that has multiple resources to assist our clients with obtaining reliable and cost effective funding solutions. Our veteran team of experts has over 35 years of combined experience assisting new and existing entrepreneurs with franchise financing. We will work closely with you to discover funding opportunities and determine the options that best suit your goals.

Veterans are the true heroes and that is why the United States government has provided multiple SBA backed funding options for veterans looking to start their own business. Today, there are plenty of small and large businesses being successfully run by veteran owners. According to statistics, out of nine small businesses in the US, one is owned by a veteran, which shows how enthusiastic retired military personnel are to start their own businesses. If you are a veteran and planning to get funding for your business, Triton Franchise can help you become eligible for Veteran SBA loans up to $300K.

At Triton, we specifically help veterans obtain funding for small businesses. We are expert in guiding new and existing small business owners in achieving their franchise business goals. To date we have helped many veterans achieve their goals of expansion as well as growth of their business. Share your goals and plans with us and we will help you explore the right funding opportunities in less time with little paper work. Contact Triton to help your franchise business stand out among other leading franchises in your area and get the funding you need!

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