buildingTriton is the Premier Franchise Alternative Lender and Advisory Source for Entrepreneurs who are interested in getting into the franchise industry. Our team of Franchise and Finance experts specializes in Business Development and Professional Consulting Services. Whether our clients are trying to get established in the industry or have been actively engaged for years and need resources to grow, we have solutions that fit any situation. Since its inception, Triton has raised over $120 million for new and established companies throughout the United States, enhancing their growth and profitability.

Triton works hard to assure that you become financially successful and secure with an established turnkey franchise business opportunity! Our Founder and Managing Director La Mancha Sims is a former Naval Officer, an experienced economist with degrees in Finance and Economics who is focused on helping our clients attain better funding opportunities as well as comprehensive advice for their franchises. Whether you want to buy or sell a franchise, obtain a loan for a franchise partnership or expand your existing franchise business, Triton is always ready to provide the best solutions to help you achieve your goals!


Triton is a fully dedicated business consulting firm that offers multiple fund sourcing solutions to small business owners. With several Franchise Partnership firms working in your area, what distinguishes Triton is its vast experience in the franchise industry with private funding sources and its ability to provide customized services to ensure that our team optimizes our client’s profitability and opportunities for success.

Over the past decade, we have successfully helped hundreds of entrepreneurs buy franchises as well as grow their existing franchise business. The innovative and systematic approach used by Triton has today reduced the amount of paperwork and time required to get funding for any franchise business. Triton knows that business opportunities must be utilized within good time. And it is your time to give your franchise business a serious boost by increasing the size of your business and profits.


Being one of the Pioneers in alternative lending for small businesses, Triton mainly focuses on sourcing funds that will support franchise owners who are looking to purchase, expand and grow their business. No matter what type of franchise you are looking for or currently own, we offer customized funding solutions that will fit your business goals. For us, no business opportunity is too small or too large; we believe in delivering the required amount of capital to franchise owners as quickly as possible. Apart from sourcing funds from numerous lending partners, we have developed a network of private investors that can offer funds on short notice.

Triton has the resources, experience and knowledge to get your funding request approved quickly and get funds released so that you can achieve your business goals fast. With continuous success and exceptional customer service, Triton is now credited as a preferred referral partner by many CPA’s, franchise attorneys, traditional banks and franchise consultants.

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